Photic Design has extensive experience with all kinds of print media. We can design for a range of print products including: business cards, flyers, posters, brochures and magazines.

We can work with your existing corporate design, or develop you a new graphic theme including logo design and company branding.

Photic Design can handle all stages of the design process, including taking photographs of your business (e.g., company premises; company vehicles; examples of completed work; products; etc.). We can also help to author the content of promotional materials should you want that.

Contact us to discuss how Photic Design can help your company with its print requirements.

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Photic Design Print Services

  • Branding

    We can create a full visual corporate identity for your business, from logo design right through to signage, packaging design, etc.

  • Photography

    Photic Design can generate professional photography for your print projects. For example, we can photograph business premises or equipment, stock inventory, or examples of completed work.

  • Content Authoring

    Photic Design can generate the text for your flyers, brochures etc. We have extensive editorial experience in writing for trade publications and can work with you to best represent your business.

  • Web Site Integration

    We can combine your print requirements with your web design needs, ensuring brand consistency.

Sample Projects